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About Charles Gerard Co. Ltd

Charles Gerard Ltd, is an import / export company, supplying the Horticultural sector in East-Africa since 1993.

We supply a wide range of materials, equipments & machines into the horticultural industry. This includes -  seeds, safety equipment, greenhouses, tunnels, cold rooms, planting machines, tools, irrigation equipment, water silos, dam liners, pack houses, prefabricated buildings, measuring & testing instruments, propagation equipment, disinfectants, greenhouse films, shade nets, drip lines & pipes, and many more.





Charles Gerard Co. Ltd. represents a number of manufacturers & suppliers from different parts of the world including the following:



Haygrove Tunnels. The world’s largest supplier of tunnels, with many different designs for the various climatic conditions & crops. 


Mardenkro. The world’s leader in greenhouse shading paints ReduSol, ReduHeat & SombraSol.


Nieuwkoop measuring & testing instruments. All the instruments needed & used on farms, for testing water & soils, measuring temperature & humidity, weather stations, data loggers.


Rhizopon. We stock & offer the full range of rooting powders for propagators.

Ocean Agriculture Fertilizers. We offer a full range of water soluble fertilizers, micro nutrients, specialty fertilizers & foliar feeds.


UFO Supplies. Full range of post harvest products, safety gear, sprayers, propagation products, horticultural tools, machines & equipments.

Econ Seeds. Full range of cut flowers seeds.

Horti Greenhouse Ltd. Manufacturers of economical & practical greenhouses which can be installed on any slope with max. light & ventilation. Manufacturers of the flower cable transport systems, the most practical means of transporting the flowers from inside the greenhouse to inside the cold room in the shortest time with least damage & no running or maintenance costs. Complete cold room installations, with grading halls. Steam boilers for soil / medium, sterilization.

Sotrafa, s.a. is a manufacturer belonging to the Armando Álvarez Group, a leader in polyethylene film and sheet processing in Spain and one of the first in Europe, with an annual production of over 300.000 tones. Our activity is designed to two different sections: agricultural market development and environmental protection with our waterproofing geomembranes, used for a good water management and as insulator of polluting products and waste.

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